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Joe and Jordan Photos by Kenley Chueng https://photos.kenley.tv/

Welcome to LAN House


What is LAN House?

We’ve been dedicated creatives for years, but really started being serious when we founded LAN House. Since then, we’ve tested new ways of creating content and taking our own streams to the next level!

We want to help you learn new skills, help you start streaming, and help you reach a new comfort level when it comes to making content. 

Eventually, we would like to start a studio to let people just walk in to and start creating all kinds of amazing content! This was just a dream that has now become within arms reach thanks to our dedicated fans and sponsors. 


Who is LAN House?


Aly - Shryku

Graphic Artist / Web Design
Social Media Manager / CS

Joe - BizSnes

Improv Teacher

Jordan - BaronSheep



Want to send us cool things?

LAN House
PO Box 59972
Renton, WA 98058